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Craft Cocktails

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'Craft Cocktailsis the first Irish cocktail book showcasing incredible spirits the country has to offer.

The number of Irish distilleries, big and small, is on the rise and so is peoples awareness and recognition of Irish-made spirits as well as their interest in making cocktails at home.

Premium quality, stunning design and sophisticated photography makes the book an excellent Christmas gift for any aspiring mixologist or food and drink enthusiast. Become a home mixologist and create bespoke drinks using local Irish spirits and accessible ingredients from the comfort of your own home.

This stylish collection of over 50 craft cocktail recipes and fascinating stories from Irelands leading spirit makers will inspire you to try something new and make beautifully unique drinks for every occasion. From classic favourites with a modern twist to quirky creations, they will be a showstopper at your dinner party, Christmas celebration or a quiet night in. Get your friends and family together to celebrate by creating delicious concoctions while supporting fantastic Irish brands.

                         Craft Cocktails is a must-have for all lovers of Irish food, drink and our                                             unique culture. - Oisín Davis, Great Irish Beverages

Format: A5, Hardcover
Pages: 168
Publication Date: November 2020