A Beautiful Heart

Sabine Letz moved to the charming town of Schull in Co. Cork where she first started creating her jewellery in a make shift workshop at the end of the garden. They say from small seeds great things grow and that really is true of Enibas.

Sabine has become one of the most renowned Irish jeweler, her creations are famed their timeless class as well as the sentiments they carry, with many of her pieces being inscribed with Gaelic messages of love & well wishes.

2012 saw the launch of her signature 'Croí álainn' collection. The infinite circles of 'A beautiful heart' reflect emotion and sentiment, ideal for sending a special message to a friend or loved one. The collection is sophisticated and elegant yet its simplicity makes it so wearable.The sentiments are lovingly received by all; at home & abroad;

The bracelets from this special collection were chosen by then Irish president Enda Kenny as a gift to Malia & Natasha Obama on his visit to to the White House.

Lenz, knows that a little bit of luck can change everything “I came to Ireland as a student, hitching. My husband picked me up and gave me a lift, we fell in love and I ended up in Schull. Five minutes one way or the other, none of this would have happened.”