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Sale An Ideal Farm Husband

An Ideal Farm Husband


Lorna Sixsmith

An Ideal Farm Husband

Are farmers considered to be romantic? ~ How can you find the right woman to be your perfect farm wife? ~ What will it take for your mother and your wife to get on? ~ Is it ever a good idea to live with your parents? ~ How can you get away for a break?


Farmer/farmer’s wife and author Lorna Sixsmith looks at what it takes to become an Ideal Farm Husband. You’ll find out how little effort it takes to be romantic, how to propose with pizzazz, the best ways to survive stresses like the Pre Silage Tension and the Pre Scanning Shakes, and how to overcome your disappointment at finding your girlfriend is not, after all, telepathic. You’ll discover why water, social media, sales representatives, your dog and sharing housework are so important for your wellbeing.


With “his and her” quizzes to test your progress (and yes, there arewrong answers), this is a book you can read together to ensure you become a modern, IDEAL farm husband.


This is a perfect read for all farm husbands and boyfriends (and wives and girlfriends), and country lovers everywhere.

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