Baby Knit Pinafore - Kiwi

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This colourful Aran pinafore is lovingly made with 100% merino wool incorporating a selection of traditional Aran stitches including the moss stitch represents abundance & growth, wishing the baby all they could need as they grow & the cable stitch representing the twists & turns of life.


Staff Tip: " I just love the buttons on these dresses, they make them so bright & fun but yet complement the traditional knit-work so well"


Available in sizes 3-6, 6-12 & 12-18 months.

Available in Kiwi (Green).

100% Merino Wool.

Care Instructions:
Here at Irish Crafts we advise that in order to get the best from your knitwear, you do not machine wash it, instead you should hand-wash with a washing detergent/powder designated for wool. Excess water can be removed by patting with a towel to soak up moisture, take care not to wring / squeeze. Always dry your garment laid out flat. NEVER tumble dry.

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