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Framed Print - Ballinalacken Castle (large)


Hugh MacConville Photographer

Hugh MacConvilles work may appear simple but, in fact, tells a far bigger story the mood and soul of the landscape created when the ocean meets the land.

It's all about the light. These pictures are a celebration of the daily drama that happens in this landscape.

Digital photography and state-of-the-art print technology have allowed the subtle range of colours and tone of these dramatic moments to be captured.

Printing on archive quality paper and using special pigment inks assures the quality of the finished picture will last for a very long time.

~Ballinalacken Castle~

Ballinalacken Castle is located on a limestone outcrop overlooking the road from Lisdoonvarna to Fanore in County Clare.

Large stone fortifications on the site can be traced back to the 10thcentury, when the O'Connors ruled this part of Clare.

The oldest part of the current building is believed to date to the 15thcentury.

Fortunately, the building survived the dismantling of fortifications following the Cromwellian wars.

Now, with its stunning location, where it uses one of the Burrens limestone outcrops as part of its defences, it gives us a fascinating glimpse into medieval Ireland.

Framed: 31" x 11" approx