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Best Loved Swift

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An attractive and approachable selection of the work of the first of Ireland's truly great writers, Jonathan Swift.

Extracts from his fiction, social satires, poems both lyrical and scatological, essays in fantasy, epigrams, and personal letters present, along with the editors introductory pieces, the twin stories of Swift's controversial public career and of his unusual, conflicted, private life.

Whether he was mocking the English king and aristocracy in Gulliver's Travels, castigating the self-deluding vanities of ladies of fashion, discussing garden design with the woman he loved or intervening on behalf of the underprivileged poor of Dublin who worshipped him, Swift was unique, and it should be no surprise that his exploits became a subject of native Gaelic folklore.

With Emma Byrnes' striking illustrations, this book is an ideal introduction to the genius whose thought and wit dominated the half-forgotten world of early 18th Century Ireland.

Selected By: John Wyse Jackson

Hardback: 128 pages

Size: 196mm x 130mm