Button Sweater - Charcoal

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This button sweater is knit using traditional knitting patterns from Ireland.

  The use of cable, diamond and basket stitches link together traditional knitting for the modern day fashion conscious man. 

The subtle diamond knitting pattern along the outerside of the body is said to represent wealth and success. 

The traditional cable pattern on the front and along the arm symbolising fisherman's ropes unite the past with the modern day. 

The saddle shoulder gives the mans knitted jumper an extra bit of style. as too does the high rib buttoned collar that can be worn open or closed. This Irish Aran jumper also has insert pockets for added comfort. 


A must for the modern mans wardrobe.


Available in sizes S, M, L, XL & XXL 

Available in Charcoal.

 100% Super Soft Merino Wool

Product Code: X4797


Care Instructions:
Here at Irish Crafts we advise that in order to get the best from your knitwear, you do not machine wash it., instead you should hand-wash with a washing detergent/powder designated for wool.

Excess water can be removed by patting with a towel to soak up moisture, take care not to wring / squeeze.

Always dry your garment laid out flat.

NEVER tumble dry.

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