Cedarwood & Eucalyptus Solid Lotion Tin

by Airmid
€ 10.95 EUR

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Experience the sensual and luxurious feel of a handmade lotion bar that is full of natural ingredients and will moisturise and protect your skin, with a heavenly scent!


They can be used anywhere on body as a moisturiser. Rich in moisturising butters which are particularly kind to damaged skin due to their healing and regenerative properties. These bars along with our solid shampoos are ideal for travel.


Directions: Lotion Bars melt at body temperature. Simply smooth onto clean dry skin.


Refreshing earthy eucalyptus blended with soothing cedarwood and antiseptic lemongrass. Eucalyptus oil can help speed up the healing of slow healing wounds, calm skin eruptions and clear congested skin.  Suitable for all skin types.

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