Celtic Decorative Art

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O'Briens Press


Decorative arts in the Celtic culture are world-renowned for their beauty, intricacy and depth of meaning. Among the most famous examples are illustrated manuscripts such as The Book of Kells. This new book uses many of the ancient sources as inspiration, but brings a personal, modern interpretation to the motifs, creating new and exciting patterns and designs which will both inspire and encourage readers.

PART ONE: History of Celtic Art from ancient times to today. Illustrated with photographs and drawings of wapons, manuscripts, silver and gold objects, embroidery and murals.

PART TWO: New designs in lavish colour and black &amp, white inspired by Celtic beliefs, traditions and decorative sources. Subjects covered include: infinity, love, trees, birds, fish, animals, water. Describes sources of inspiration, practical uses and symbolic significance.


Created by: Deborah O'Brien

Paperback: 80 pages

Size: 1280 x 210 mm

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