Chamomile Bath Melts

by Airmid
€ 17.95 EUR

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Treat yourself to the Airmid bath melts for a luxurious soak whenever you feel the need to relax and get away from it all.


Airmid bath melts come in three scented varieties to choose from, or, if your skin is the sensitive kind then Airmid’s Chamomile is the one for you. You can be sure of a high quality, natural, handmade Irish product.  The Chamomile melts are sold as a pack of six.


Chamomile - Ideal for sensitive skin as it has a high oil content. Chamomile is mild and gentle, even for the most sensitive of skin types so they are ideal for babies and young children. Also anyone with a nut allergy.


The only problem with the Airmid bath melts is having to leave the bath.


Fragrance Free & Nut Free


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