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Aran Woollen Mills

Charlie the Bear - Oatmeal

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Size Chart
Size Guide for Aran Sweaters Wool Socks Leather Belts & Slippers
Size Chart
Size Guide for Aran Sweaters Wool Socks Leather Belts & Slippers

This cute Aran hand-knit Bear comes complete with knit waistcoat. The teddy is finsihed in intricate Aran stitching yet is robust & soft and will survive many a cuddle!

Fun Fact: "The suppliers code for this bear is R459 - which also happens to be the road our shop is located on in Doolin, Co. Clare.... he might just become our mascot!!"

Knit in 100% soft merino wool & filled with 100% polyester 

Dimensions: The teddy is 28-32cm in length, may vary as a hand-knit.

Care Instructions:

Here at Irish Crafts we advise that in order to get the best from your knitwear, you do not machine wash it, instead you should hand-wash with a washing detergent/powder designated for wool. Excess water can be removed by patting with a towel to soak up moisture, take care not to wring / squeeze. Always dry your garment laid out flat. NEVER tumble dry.