Doodle Art - Harp

by Splate
€ 24.95 EUR



Irish Doodle Art celebrates Ireland’s rich folklore and history. By combining their hand drawn illustrations with beautiful natural slate (over 500 million years old!) and copper wire they have created a collection of wall hangings that capture Irish heritage and landscapes in a simple contemporary style.


Size: 21 x 14 cm (appprox)


Product Care:

Can be washed using a mild detergent, not suitable for dishwasher as the felt pads may become detached.


This product will chip if dropped so please handle with care.


The slate can be restored to it's original beautiful texture with a coasting of natural oil (e.g. Olive Oil)


Slate is 100% natural. Each piece is unique in shape, colour and texture which means no two pieces will be the same. Imperfections and variations may occur.

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