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Feckin' Collection: Everything Irish


A deadly compendium of all your favourite feckin books

Do you know the difference between a bowsie and a cute hoor? Can you sing all the words to 'Raggle Taggle Gypsy' or whip up a Beef and Guinness casserole with a side of Boxty? If these questions have you scratching your head, then look no further.

Discover how feckin deadly Irish Slang can be, find out why plastic-wrap played a vital role in the sex lives of the Irish in the seventies, learn the words to the most beloved Irish songs and get the recipes for the most famous and delicious Irish dishes.

The Feckin Book of Everything Irish is a laughter-filled guide to the genuine culture of Ireland.

Written by: Colin Murphy and Donal O'Dea

Hardback: 304 pages

Size: 190mm x 125 mm