Horizon Centrepiece Vase

€ 299.95 EUR

The Irish Hand Made Glass Company

After the closure of the Waterford Crystal factory in Waterford City Ireland in January 2009, a group of Master craftsmen with a combined total of over 130 years of experience in glass- making, came together and made the decision to set up a glass making facility of their own in the very heart of Waterford City.

In these modern times the vast majority of glass making companies now use automation to produce their products. The Irish Handmade Glass Company all products have been handmade and the glass is a non- lead based crystal, ‘Crystalline’.

The Horizon Centrepiece Vase was inspired by the beautiful Autumn scenery in Ireland. Blown using various forms of colour oxides, and frits, each piece takes a team of blowers approx 1 hour to produce. A stunning work of art.

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