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    Liz Christy

    Inspired By - Valley Of The Creuse


    "A Collection of shimmering handwoven scarves inspired by Turners technique of painting light. This technique greatly influenced Monet, Liz's altime favourite painter.

    This range reflects the shimmering colours of Turner's paintings.

    Born in 1775 Turner was an English Romantic landscape painter, water-colourist and printmaker. His work is regarded as the Romantic fore-runner to Impressionism. He was called the Painter of Light.

    Turner died in 1851 when Monet was just eleven years old but the influence of Tuner can be clearly seen in much of Monet’s work. Monet travelled to London and painted the houses of Parliament, just like Turner did in his day. They both have similar play on light and fog. Turner had himself strapped to the mast of a ship, in a storm to see the elements at their strongest. Monet was also very interested in the play of light on water, be it still or stormy. Currently the subject of a Mike Leigh film, Mr Turner, Joseph Turner was way ahead of his time. His impressionistic use of colour was often frowned on in his day but his brilliance finally won through. Starring Timothy Spalding as Turner, the film’s slow pace lends itself to stunningly, beautiful cinematography.

    For her part in the Turner, Monet & Christy Triangle, Liz Christy uses age old methods and natural materials, cotton, wool and boucle wool blend yarns in a host of striking colours. She dyes most of the wool herself. Each piece is hand-knotted when it comes off the loom and then it is hand-washed to bring out the luxurious softness of the fibre. The pieces are wearable art, which with gentle hand-washing will last for generations and become heirloom pieces.

    Liz Christy’s interpretation of Monet and Turner plays on the colours and hues that they used. The end result is yet another beautiful work of art. While they are all entranced by colour and light, we can only wear the art created by Christy!"


    Size: approx 40cm x 190cm