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Irish Ciseog (small)


The Ciseog / Skib

Ciseogs were traditionally used in many parts of Ireland to strain the cooked potatoes. The potatoes were tipped into the basket which was then placed back over the pot to keep the food warm. The whole family sat around the vessel and ate out of it communally. Sometimes there was no table and people sat upon the floor and the basket functioned as the table also.

These days they are more often enjoyed as a decorative piece for the wall or centre of the table.

These Irish grown, sown & woven baskets are made from willow beds nestled in the heart of the Boggeragh Mountains of Co. Cork.

Willow baskets are hardy items & can last many lifetimes with the proper care.

In the ancient Celtic Ogham (ow-uhm) alphabet, S is for Saille (sahl-yeh) & is associated with the willow tree.

Note: Willow is a natural material so colours / shades may vary slightly to those imaged