We'll just have the one

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Entitled 'We'll just have the one', an Irish expression suggesting that they will head to the pub for ONE drink. One often turns into many!

"Mick's is down the narrow Road....ya know the one with no signs, potholes that ya could fish in, past the dolmen that you're not supposed to sit on..but everyone does..... At the end of the road you'll see the glistening sea and smell the homemade chips!"

 Lani's image has been printed on archival paper using pigmented inks.

Each piece is signed & titled by artist Lani from her studio in Sligo.

Lani's art is quirky, fun and colourful, depicting the vibrancy of Irish rural life - in particular the surf paradise of the west of Ireland.

Her love of surfing, cottages and camper-vans comes to life in watercolour and water-mixable oil paintings. These beautifully  mounted and framed prints make great gifts for all celebrations.


Available in:


8 x 8 Mounted

8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) white card mount, 4.5" x 4.5" print


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