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Luxury Throw - Michael Collins

by Foxford

This blanket is weighted with tradition & history. Robust warmth in patriotic tones, this is very special indeed.

Foxford Woollen Mills presented a special commissioned Travel Blanket to General Michael Collins to mark his appointment to Commander in Chief of the newly established Irish Army in early 1922.

The Blanket was in his armoured car at the ambush at Béal Na Bláth in August 1922. It was used to wrap his injured body after the ambush at Béal Na Bláth & was later recovered at Shanakiel Hospital by nurse Nora O'Donoghue, and later donated to the National Museum.

"They were huddled into the collars of their greatcoats because, although it was August, it was a chilly evening, shortly before dusk, and a light drizzle had begun to fall. For the past week Collins had been suffering from a severe head and chest cold, bordering on pleurisy, and was in pain from a kidney infection. Both men also shared a green, tartan blanket laid across their knees as further protection from the cold"

100% Wool

Approx: 150cm x 180cm / 59" x 70"

Weight 2.0kg

Woven in Foxford

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Supplier Code: 2967/A1