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  • Mediterranean Throw - Heather

Studio Donegal

Mediterranean Throw - Heather





Studio Donegal Woollen Mill is based in Kilcar, Co Donegal, where the tradition of hand weaving is still being used today. 

Importantly everything with the Studio Donegal label is hand woven and made in the mill in Kilcar, Co Donegal.

The Studio Donegal brand has become the hallmark of genuine quality handwoven Irish tweed.


Big bold blocks of meditteranean colour create a wonderful palette. No harmony, no co-ordination, no balance,  just blocks of colour butted together or piled on top of each other - a jumble of colour washed blocks falling down a hillside in the sunny south of somewhere.

Handwoven, washed and milled with rolled fringes.


Small 152 x 100cm 

Large 182 x 148cm

King 244 x 244cm


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