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    The O'Brien Press

    No Ordinary Women

    Spies, snipers, couriers, gunrunners, medics, women played a major role in the fight for Ireland's freedom, risking loss of life and family for a cause to which they were totally committed.

    This book highlights a time when vast numbers of Irish women were politicised and imprisoned for their beliefs, with a special emphasis on one prison, Kilmainham Gaol. They came from every class in society and all walks of life: titled ladies and shop assistants, doctors, housewives, laundry workers, artists and teachers. Some were married with children, others widowed and some even mere schoolchildren.

    These are hidden stories that vividly recreate the characters, personalities and courage of Ireland's revolutionary women.

    Written By: Sinead McCoole

    Paperback: 320pages

    Size: 240mm x 170mm