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Nougat - Fruit Selection

by Miena's

Fruit Selection

Ever wanted to taste something different try MIENA'S Handmade Nougat.

Created in the Glen of Imaal , surrounded by lush Irish countryside, Miena started something new. Inspired by nature bees making honey, fresh ingredients and nothing artificial Miena's kitchen specialises in natures goodness. Her love for simplicity and all things good are family values she holds dear.

All products are individually wrapped with care to make them the perfect gift for any occasion. Imagine a sweet so healthy with not too much sugar! It is a treat that talks wisely. Find tastebuds that have never walked and discover subtle flavours not experienced before.

Miena has had her kitchen certified gluten-free and this means all her products are coeliac friendly. The balance of her ingredients ensures undulating sweetness, fresh almonds and pistachio nuts and berries a comforting soft consistency. This choice blend comes from hours of Miena's effort, combining her ideas with uncompromising, passionate attention to quality.