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    Castle Arch

    Oileán White - Mug

    Oileán White - Mug

    Everyone has their favourite Mug, Castle Archs' was inspired by the stitch pattern of Aran Knitwear.

    These patterns tell the story of life on the islands, the diamond stitch pattern used on the mugs reflect the shape of the fields and is said to be a symbol of good fortune.

    Size: Height 95mm / diameter 80mm / volume 350 ml

    About Castle Arch Pottery

    Beautiful Irish Pottery, designed and handcrafted by Castle Arch Pottery, based in Kilkenny city. 

    A native of Cork, Ray Power set up Castle Arch Pottery in the Autumn of 1993 in Kilkenny’s famous Castle Yard, which sits under the gaze of Kilkenny Castle. Ray takes his inspiration from Celtic patterns to make bold honest pieces that stand out and enhance formal and decorative settings.

    Each piece of pottery is made in small production batches on the potter’s wheel, allowing great attention be paid to decorative details such as handles, sprigs and to the fluent slip-trailed decoration with embossed surfaces. The penultimate stage sees each piece bisque fired to 1000cc before the final stage of glazing and firing again to 1200cc. This guarantees the pottery will be both microwave and dishwasher safe. This traditional approach, typical of Irish country potteries, ensures that Castle Arch Pottery maintains its unique character. The glazes used are both luscious and eye catching which have been carefully developed over the past 25 years.