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Sale Silk Lace Scarf - Pink & Violet

Silk Lace Scarf - Pink & Violet


Fabulous Felt

Fab Felt


This large scarf has intricate detailing at both ends and a pull-through tie. To tie, wrap the scarf around your neck once, and pull one end through any of the hole details at the other end. Pull until one lace end is hanging beneath the other. Each scarf is hand dyed and individual to you. As a result the colour patterns may differ slightly.


As with all of Kates scarves there is an endless amount of ways in which they can be worn! Get some inspiration here



Handmade and hand dyed in Limerick by Kate Ramsey. 


Size: 170cm x 40cm

Material: Silk & Shimmery Wool


NOTE: All scarves are hand dyed - as such colours can vary from images shown. If you would like an image of the exact scarf being ordered please contact us and we will gladly send you one. 

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