Spalted Beech Salt & Pepper Mills - Medium

€ 84.95 EUR

Johnny McCarthy Woodturning



Johnny’s workshop is situated in the heart of the “Golden Vale” in Co. Tipperary. Having renovated a 120 year old cottage with his wife Jenny, Johnny pursued his love of all things wood. He studied under a master woodturner and began to develop his own voice in the craft. Exploring all avenues of woodturning including “Hollow Forms” and “Segmented” turning, he found there is no end to learning. But it’s the “hands on making” of utilitarian objects such as tableware where he finds the ultimate connection between us and our ancestors who honed the first wooden vessels.


Johnny is best known for his salt and pepper mills. All the wood Johnny uses is either storm felled locally or acquired from managed sources, all finishes such as oils etc are food safe.


These salt and pepper mills have been hand turned from storm-felled Irish Beech which has been kiln-dried by Johnny himself. The striking colors in the wood come from the dying process of the tree, making every mill unique!


Size: 7inch high


Contains a professional Chef-standard ceramic “CrushGrind” mechanism ~ Suitable for both salt and pepper, as well as numerous other spices ~ Grind settings allow for the user to adjust from “coarse” to “fine” or anything in between ~ Easily cleaned and maintained

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