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    Suncatcher - Family (medium)

    Unique Wood and Crystal Suncatcher, this particular piece is made from Oak with a Sphere crystal at its centre & etching in the wood. 

    Family...where life begins and love never ends.

    These hand-crafted window creations are made from a variety of woods such as Spalted Beech, Elm, Oak & Ask. High quality Swarovski and Asfour crystals are used which, when in direct sunlight, scatter a dazzling array of rainbows on your walls.

    The wooden moon is approximately 5″ (125mm) long at its longest part.

    The string measures approx 16″ (400mm).

    The thread that used is braided fishing line which is extremely strong and does not degrade in sunlight.

    Each piece comes in it’s own box making it perfect for gift giving.

    Artwood is the innovative creation of Giolla Liddy and Emily Sachs-Eldridge. It is an Irish family craft business that they are so proud of. It all started back in 2013. Giolla had been working as a carpenter for many years after his father taught him the trade as a young boy. He soon found that this was the life for him. One day Emily brought home a crystal for hanging in their window. It was decorated with some small plastic beads but Emily only wanted the crystal. However, Giolla looked at the crystal and thought “I could do something nice with that” and so their first Suncatcher was born.

    NOTE: Because all wood is unique and varies slightly, your exact suncatcher may differ from the above images. Without a doubt, we will make sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty.