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Supersoft Button Cardigan - Classic Aran


For lovers of classic Irish style, this Supersoft Aran Wool Button Cardigan is a must-have for the fall and winter seasons. Made from 100% new Merino wool and woven in the same tradition as the classic Aran sweaters of the late 19th century, this cardigan will hold up to the icy temperatures and ocean winds that Irish fishermen and their families have faced for generations.

This cardigan features an assortment of Aran-style weaves: the basket, which is said to increase the chance of a good fish harvest; the cable, which represents the fishermens ropes and keeps them safe; and the honeycomb, which symbolizes the tenacious, industrious nature of the honeybee. The cardigan also includes seven large, brown football buttons lining the heavy ribbed placket, adding a more traditional look as well as a level of depth and character that is unique when compared to our other Aran sweater offerings.

Sizes: XS - XXL

Code: B685-367

Care Instructions:

Here at Irish Crafts we advise that in order to get the best from your knitwear, you do not machine wash it, instead you should hand-wash with a washing detergent/powder designated for wool.

Excess water can be removed by patting with a towel to soak up moisture, take care not to wring / squeeze.

Always dry your garment laid out flat. NEVER tumble dry.