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    Aran Woollen Mills

    Supersoft Merino Batwing Sweater - Classic Aran

    This Supersoft Merino Batwing Sweater from Aran Woollen Mills in Classic Aran is made from 100% Super Soft Merino wool.

    The extra fine wool fibres give this sweater a supersoft cosiness and is woven throughout with unique Aran stitches, showcasing Ireland's rich cultural heritage

    Available sizes: XS - XL

    100% Super Soft Merino wool

    Supplier code: B554

    Care Instructions:
    Here at Irish Crafts we advise that in order to get the best from your knitwear, you do not machine wash it, instead you should hand-wash with a washing detergent/powder designated for wool.

    Excess water can be removed by patting with a towel to soak up moisture, take care not to wring / squeeze.

    Always dry your garment laid out flat. NEVER tumble dry.