Sweet Orange Ylang Ylang Solid Lotion Tin

by Airmid
€ 10.95 EUR

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Experience the sensual and luxurious feel of a handmade lotion bar that is full of natural ingredients and will moisturise and protect your skin, with a heavenly scent!


These silky smooth lotion bars are made with organic Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, Irish Beeswax, Vitamin E and essential oils. They can be used anywhere on body as a moisturiser and these bars along with Airmids solid shampoos are ideal for travel.


Lotion Bars melt at body temperature. Simply smooth onto clean dry skin.


Tranquil and relaxing blend of sweet orange and sensual ylang ylang oils. On the skin, ylang-ylang oil has a soothing effect and its balancing action sorts out over-dry as well as overly-oily skin by balancing the secretion of sebum. Sweet orange is great for more mature skin as it supports collagen formation.


Suitable for all skin types.

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