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The Adventures of Johnny Magory Collection


I'll tell you a story about Johnny Magory...

Based on the old Irish rhyme I'll tell you a story about Johnny Magory. Will I begin it? That's all that's in it! her fathers storytelling inspired the daily adventures of EJ and her siblings. Having spent her childhood outside, where she was happiest this book series is all about getting kids outside exploring & connecting with nature and learning about Irish heritage & wildlife (but through lots of craic and grá!)

Incorporating three Johnny Magory Adventures books in one beautiful Hardback;

- Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild

- Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders

- Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race

Written, edited, illustrated & printed in Ireland.

Author: Emma-Jane Leeson

Illustrated by: Kim Shaw

Hardback : 70 pages

Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 10mm