The Night Time Cat and The Plump Grey Mouse

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On a dark, dark night, in a very quiet library, there is an old, old, beautiful book. Looking out from the pages of the book is a plump, grey mouse. When the clock strikes twelve, the little mouse hops right off the page and begins his magical exploration of Trinity College.

The mouse, however, is not alone: Four furry paws with very sharp claws follow him from the book into Trinity College.

This sharp clawed cat is hungry and in search of the plump grey mouse.

Follow, the night-time cat, Pangur Bán, as she searches Trinity College for the plump grey mouse. Along the way she asks for help from various figures in Trinity College, from Jonathan Swift to the Queen of England and from Oscar Wilde to Count Dracula. Will Pangur Bán catch the plump grey mouse or will this mischievous mouse evade capture? This is an enchanting tale full of adventure and discovery.

Written By: Erika McGann

Illustrated By: Lauren O’Neill

Hardback: 32 pages

Size: 260mm x 215mm

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