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  • The Story of Ireland

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The Story of Ireland




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A spectacular tour of Ireland's history for younger readers, from the ice age to the present day. Beautifully illustrated and a great read, this award-winning book is essential for every classroom and library: as well as being the perfect gift! 

The Story of Ireland begins ‘After the Ice’ and lasts 9000 years. It tells the story of the whole island and its people.

The book’s 27 chapters chronicle the big picture of invasions, wars, Christianity, famine and a divided island, mixed with tales of Celtic head hunters, mysterious stone tombs, the Vikings, the black death, life in castles, the Titanic tragedy, music, mobiles and computers.

When it ends a new story is just beginning.


Written By: Brendan O'Brien

Illustrated By: Cartoon Saloon

Hardback: 96 pages

Size: 210x148mm

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