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Sale Uilleann Pipes Brooch

Uilleann Pipes Brooch


Annie Quinn

Annie Quinn Logo


This beautifully crafted Uilleann Pipes Brooch finished with rhodium plating is a must have for Tradtional Irish music lovers.


The uilleann pipes are the characteristic national bagpipe of Ireland! The union or uilleann pipe required the joining of a bellows under the right arm, which pumped air via a tube to the bagpipe under the left arm. To play the uilleann pipes effectively, musicians must learn to pump the bellows steadily while controlling the pressure on the bag and playing the chanter simultaneously. 


Rhodium Plating is a type of metal plating that prevents an object from being scratched or tarnished and improves the object's color quality.


Length 42mm

Width 26.5mm


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