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  • Will We Be Brilliant Or What?

The Collins Press

Will We Be Brilliant Or What?






John Spillane fell in love with singing when he was a small boy and now that he has written about 200 songs and an opera, he feels he’s starting to get the hang of it. For over thirty years, his songs have provided a musical background to life in Ireland, and have been performed by such luminaries as Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon and Mary Black.

Gathering these evocative lyrics in print for the first time, John gives insight into the inspiration and stories behind the songs. He also includes tales of his adventures on the sea of life, from earning his first royalty cheque to signing with EMI (once The Beatles’ label). This is a beautiful collection to dip into, and conjures a vibrant world of colour, poetry, music and love. Most of all, enjoy John’s pure positivity as he asks, ‘Will we be brilliant or what?’


Written By: John Spillane

Hardback: 192 pages

Size: 210x138mm

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