Framed - Woof Woof

€ 35.95 EUR



After graduating from NCAD Dublin and owning her own craft gallery, Jane started to experiment with resin using objects of different texture and colour. Buttons proved to be the best and since then Jane has developed a craze about the little ones! Her designs are drawn from what's around her: colour and shapes inspire each piece, which are all different and totally unique.


'Woof Woof' perfect for any dog lover out there. This picture is made from cute little resin and button dogs tied up in a bow...


All pieces come nicely buttoned up in a Button Box.


Size: 15.5cm wide x 20.5cm high


Note: As each piece is individually handmade and unique - colours may vary from image show. If you would like an image of the exact item being purchased please contact us and we will happily send a picture before purchase.


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